Ways of Managing Personal Relationships

personal relationship

A lot of people are left wondering what happened to their once great relationship that they had with a person they truly loved. It is also not impossible to see two people who are deep in love with each other but they are always constantly fighting each other or arguing about the smallest issues. A lot of relationships are built on love but it is also good to note that it takes more than love to maintain a relationship. It requires the effort of the parties involved to keep the relationship going. This is why it is good to be aware of the different ways of managing personal relationships in order for them to last.

Among the best ways of managing personal relationships is by being honest as well as being open with each other. Honesty is the best policy in each relationship and it is important to have an open and honest relationship. This is the only way after all that you can be able to trust each other completely. Honesty enables one to learn your true personality and adjust him/her self in order to accommodate you in their lives. It is however easy for one to be honest but not open to the partner. This happens when one partner is not comfortable in talking about some certain topics and to get this, you need to be patient with your partner.

Another way of managing personal relationships is by understanding that every relationship is based on give and take. What this means is that it takes both of you to work on the relationship if it is to last. Therefore you should be ready to sacrifice some of the things that you love in order to accommodate the other person and vice versa. A good example of this is when partners are fighting. Instead of both of you raising your voice trying to get some points across, you can instead cool off and let your partner talk so that you can reach an understanding. It is never a good idea to fight fire with fire.

Ways of managing personal relationships is being aware that all relationships will be faced with difficult moments. A lot of people especially young couples believe that relationship re about the happy times only but this is not the case. In any relationship, you should be able to face both good and bad tomes together. It is very normal to get into a fight with your loved one. What this shows is that you are both normal human beings and this will also test your patience and your true intentions of the relationship. When you are involved in a fight, do not give up but rather try to resolve it and move forward. When you understand that nobody is perfect you will be able to take their weaknesses and yours and try to work with them. This is the only way you will be able to have a healthy relationship that is honest, true and worth your effort and time.

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Freedom from prejudice at the work place

All human beings always seem to have prejudice in one way or the other. We all seem to have a certain way of doing things that is probably only characteristic to us alone and this would at times not be alright with certain people who we get to interact with in our day to day activities. When our ways of doing things or handling a certain group of issues are not in sync then there is a very high likelihood for us to get into misunderstandings which would most likely get one party into feeling despised.

This is certainly not the best of feelings for one to have. We all need freedom from prejudice every place we go to and all the time. We need people to respect our way of doing things, our beliefs and values, and so on and so forth. Some people would always despise against certain religions in which they do not belong. This is actually very wrong, as we would not want any person to talk ill of our religion or think negatively about it.

Prejudice at places of work normally have a very negative effect in the sense that they affect teamwork. People who look down upon a certain group of colleagues at the work place would certainly not welcome whole heartedly the idea of working with them for whatever reason. This would as well affect the aspect of sharing especially across departments.

This would then affect the performance of the various departments of the company that have been affected by prejudice and this would certainly be felt when the overall performance of the company is being reviewed or something like that. Freedom from prejudice will certainly make every employee of an organization feel at ease and perform their duties to the best of their abilities.

An Important Quality For A Leader- Effective Team Management

Managing relationships at your work place is very essential especially if you are working as a team. It is important that you remain calm and composed in any environment. But, it is really difficult to manage relationships at work because when you are working as a team, you can’t expect everyone to act according to your rules. Working at an organization you will be forced to interact with your peers, superiors, subordinates and clients as well. You should be careful when you are talking to them. Make sure that you don’t sound commanding but polite and casual. This will help you gain respect with the people you work with. You should also remember that each and every human being has a different set of rules to follow.
To effectively manage your relationship at work, you need to understand the mindset of your colleagues. Before managing relationships at work, it is important that we analyze ourselves so that we can act matured. Also, make sure that you don’t react to your colleagues just because you are disturbed or vexed. This will help you take the first step in building a relationship. The act of controlling everyone at work is not the right way to lead a team. You should understand that only you can take charge of your position and not control your teammates. Understand the reality and act according to that rather than blaming people for the mistake they make. It is quite natural that working as a team will yield best results because people will take the responsibility for their mistakes and rectify it. But, pin pointing one’s mistake will not improve the effort they’ve put in. Without controlling the person, you can think of the team’s work and act according to that. Thus, understanding your team and yourself will help you lead a team successfully.

What you didn’t know about relationships?

The mere mention of the word relationship brings to mind another word “complication”. This is in fact the order of the day, but just rewind a little, do our parents or grandparents ever complain or grumble about how complicated their relationship is with their spouses? I’m sure they do have their fights, but do they all end in negativity? If we think relationships are complicated, it is because we make it so. Yes, no matter how adjusting you may seem to be, sometimes you are the reason for things to end between your partner and you. It may seem ridiculous to even think of it, but you know it is always best to talk out your differences and not keep all your feelings bottled up.You need to remember that, the end of a relationship is not the end of life. If it you think it really was meant to be, then you go ahead and fight for it till a proper conclusion is arrived at. Sometimes a supportive environment is all you need for your relationship to flourish. Managing relationships has indeed become complicated because of the fact that, we lead our lives quite mechanically and don’t do much to change the fact.
Managing relationships wouldn’t be such a daunting task if you just knew that people need to be valued and things are to be used, most of us have it the other way round. You may think you will find some time in your hands at the end of the week, month or even year in order to catch up with friends and family, but let me remind you that life is short and extremely unpredictable, which is why you need to value every kind of relationship you have with those you love, cherish them and lead a happy life while you can.

Supportive environment in workplace contributes to the growth of the company

In today’s world full of introverts, it is difficult to manage relationships especially at your workplace. We usually consider about taking your work environment to the next stage expecting a supportive environment from the co-workers. Communication is one of the key factors to manage relationships at your workplace. While working for a company, it is a known fact that the employers work with the same goals and objectives. This should be strongly bombarded in the minds to maintain peace at the work place. While working for the same project, it is human nature that we prejudice the people next to us.
Freedom from prejudice is necessary to avoid misunderstandings. Usually, when the co-workers do not listen to the decisions made by someone in the team, the problem starts at that instance. This is where people start judging others and the flow of the project is disrupted. Also, this will slowly affect the teamwork thereby creating imbalance in various departments of the company. Therefore, to manage a team properly till the end, one needs to work through their challenges and by motivating the entire team to success. Added to this, the leader alone shouldn’t take credibility for the success.
A perfect leader is one who takes responsibility when the team is falling backwards and acknowledging those who are responsible for the success of the project. Your attachment style towards the co-workers plays a major role in supportive environment. It is important to not leave anyone alone in a group which may lead them to feel insecure. Also, a leader must delegate the jobs according to everyone’s capability in the team. This will give him the opportunity to judge the potential of an individual. Most importantly, the result is always positive if you treat your co-workers in a friendly manner.

How can a teacher help create a supportive environment at school?

Every teenager dreads his first day at school, especially if he is being transferred from one school to another. Teenage is the time where we easily make friends but once we are close knit, we refuse to let anyone else into our precious little group. This is the first step towards bullying as the group of friends who never want to let the new guy into their group start bullying him instead.
It is not possible for kids to know how much impact this kind of behavior will have on the new kid. It will affect him mentally and disturb his psychological balance. We cannot expect the children to think at this level at their age but it is up to the teachers and parents to ensure that there is a pleasant environment both inside and outside of the classroom. The teacher is more obliged to create such an environment as she is the one who spends more time with the kids than the parents.
The initial step would be to get the new kid in front of the class and have him introduce himself to the rest of the class and have the others reciprocate so that the initial jitters are out of the way. The teacher can also start off with a fun activity on the first day by mixing up the groups so that the kids get to mingle well among themselves. Despite these activities, if there is some friction among the kids then it is time for the teacher to intervene and set things right. Otherwise, it is best to observe from a distance.
Creating a supportive environment helps the kid grow in confidence, feel comfortable and that in turn will have a positive effect in his studies. The importance of creating such an atmosphere must be stressed to parents and teachers because it will have huge impact on the children later in their life.

Importance of Exercising Prejudice in the Corporate World

Every human being has their own prejudices on anything and everything. Sometimes, these prejudices can have both positive and negative side effects. Prejudicing someone is like pre-judging them without knowing their worth. This will sometimes lead you to problems that you may not even think. Also, prejudicing is not totally wrong, since it would help them in so many circumstances.
Prejudicing someone plays a huge role in managing relationships. Judging a person requires a lot of skill. For example, in an organization, the interviewers are supposed to judge the employees whether they would be apt for the company and whether they work well in a team. This is where the officials need to pay total attention to. The officials can prejudice the skill of the employee and not their personal character. The skill of the employee matters for the work environment and not their characterization. Having a strong opinion on someone who may not be true, will insult them potentially which in turn will affect the productivity of the organization. Having a confident opinion on your own employees will yield best decisions.
It is also important that you don’t judge a person based on your personal likes and dislikes. Every human being has a different opinion on others. To avoid this, the interviewer or the one who is judging must clear his mind before a meeting or an interview. One important factor is the ability to judge people based on facts and not on their beliefs and emotions. This particular ability will allow you to see the actual skills of another person. Managing relationships within an organization will require this ability so that the employees are directed to take the best decisions possible. Thus, everyone needs to be extra careful in prejudicing others in a way that does not affect other’s emotions.

Why informal relationships are important in a formal environment?

In any organization, a healthy relationship among the employees is indispensable. Whether it is in terms of being great work partners or friends, managing relationships at our workplace is very much necessary for your own personal growth as well as for the organization. It isn’t rocket science to figure out people in order to stay harmonious among them. If you happen to be a team leader you would have definitely undergone training for team building, well, now would be a great time to put it to test!
As a leader, you naturally tend to have significant control over the work environment and it is essential that you understand your teammates first before you implement anything among them. Being democratic does help a lot, especially when it comes to decision making. Although the final decision may be your call, it is always a good idea to seek everybody’s suggestions, hear them out and who knows, you might end up with an idea that is probably better than yours! Egotism must be firmly looked down upon, the moment you let egos into the scenario you can be sure of ensuing chaos.
So, what should one know about developing interpersonal relationships among their employees? Be very clear in your intentions that personal and professional relationships among employees must never prove to be a hindrance in the progress of your team or organization. In fact, informal gatherings from time to time are sure to put everybody at ease, especially when you host them. You must know where to draw the line, i.e. you may very well take personal interest in happenings among employees beyond the workplace; however that does not give you the right to interfere. Honesty at times and diplomacy at other times will sure go a long way in building your team.

Freedom from Prejudice

Nitin Karani, a man who don’t like to have a traditional sex between a man and woman, decided to speak the truth to his family that he is indeed a gay in 1995 when Ashok Row Kavi, the founder of Bombay Dost and Humsafar Trust, organised a conference on HIV/AIDS and homosexuality in Mumbai. Nitin worked as a volunteer in the conference.

During the conference, Nitin met with Kavi and his fellows who were mostly young. This circle support was liberating for many young men as like as Nitin. In Nitin’s words, those three days were the best days of his life. Now Nitin is the key member of The Humsafar Trust. Nitin maintains the overall functioning of the trust. Their office in Kalina which is the sole place in Asia where an NGO is working on the issues of men who want to have sex with men.

NItin Karani is one of few Indian gay men who have come out on TV and through newspaper several times. He feels proud to be a gay and he tells it to the people without any hesitation.

Supportive Environment necessary for a healthy lifestyle

It is very important that we have a supportive environment for a healthy lifestyle at work and also at home. When we speak about work, the most important thing that comes into our mind is our office atmosphere. Only if there is a friendly environment all around, will we be able to work in peace. Some of the main factors to be seen are –

  • Whether you are comfortable working in your office
  • Whether there is sufficient lighting & clean air surrounding the office
  • Whether there is a pleasant pantry area for comfortable refreshments
  • Whether you are comfortable working with your colleagues

Once we reach home from work, the supportive environment shifts from office to home. Here we need to understand how you are being treated at home, whether your family is eagerly waiting for you to return home and enjoy the remainder of the day with them, whether you are given all love and affection by your parents, siblings, children or spouse etc.