Freedom from prejudice at the work place

All human beings always seem to have prejudice in one way or the other. We all seem to have a certain way of doing things that is probably only characteristic to us alone and this would at times not be alright with certain people who we get to interact with in our day to day activities. When our ways of doing things or handling a certain group of issues are not in sync then there is a very high likelihood for us to get into misunderstandings which would most likely get one party into feeling despised.

This is certainly not the best of feelings for one to have. We all need freedom from prejudice every place we go to and all the time. We need people to respect our way of doing things, our beliefs and values, and so on and so forth. Some people would always despise against certain religions in which they do not belong. This is actually very wrong, as we would not want any person to talk ill of our religion or think negatively about it.

Prejudice at places of work normally have a very negative effect in the sense that they affect teamwork. People who look down upon a certain group of colleagues at the work place would certainly not welcome whole heartedly the idea of working with them for whatever reason. This would as well affect the aspect of sharing especially across departments.

This would then affect the performance of the various departments of the company that have been affected by prejudice and this would certainly be felt when the overall performance of the company is being reviewed or something like that. Freedom from prejudice will certainly make every employee of an organization feel at ease and perform their duties to the best of their abilities.