Freedom from Prejudice

Nitin Karani, a man who don’t like to have a traditional sex between a man and woman, decided to speak the truth to his family that he is indeed a gay in 1995 when Ashok Row Kavi, the founder of Bombay Dost and Humsafar Trust, organised a conference on HIV/AIDS and homosexuality in Mumbai. Nitin worked as a volunteer in the conference.

During the conference, Nitin met with Kavi and his fellows who were mostly young. This circle support was liberating for many young men as like as Nitin. In Nitin’s words, those three days were the best days of his life. Now Nitin is the key member of The Humsafar Trust. Nitin maintains the overall functioning of the trust. Their office in Kalina which is the sole place in Asia where an NGO is working on the issues of men who want to have sex with men.

NItin Karani is one of few Indian gay men who have come out on TV and through newspaper several times. He feels proud to be a gay and he tells it to the people without any hesitation.