Supportive Environment necessary for a healthy lifestyle

It is very important that we have a supportive environment for a healthy lifestyle at work and also at home. When we speak about work, the most important thing that comes into our mind is our office atmosphere. Only if there is a friendly environment all around, will we be able to work in peace. Some of the main factors to be seen are –

  • Whether you are comfortable working in your office
  • Whether there is sufficient lighting & clean air surrounding the office
  • Whether there is a pleasant pantry area for comfortable refreshments
  • Whether you are comfortable working with your colleagues

Once we reach home from work, the supportive environment shifts from office to home. Here we need to understand how you are being treated at home, whether your family is eagerly waiting for you to return home and enjoy the remainder of the day with them, whether you are given all love and affection by your parents, siblings, children or spouse etc.